2018-11-12 | News

PAUSE: for a balanced use of the Internet

Capsana is launching PAUSE with the support of Quebec’s Secrétariat à la jeunesse. This brand new public campaign promotes a balanced use of the Internet to prevent the risks associated with hyperconnectivity, particularly for young people, who are more vulnerable as well as more “connected”. In Quebec, it is estimated that 1 out of 5 young people show problematic Internet use.

Concretely, the campaign encourages young adults, teens and their parents to reflect on their digital habits and take action to improve them, so they can benefit from all the advantages of the Internet, with none of the disadvantages. The name PAUSE reminds us, in a positive way, of the importance of regularly unplugging.

A campaign in 2 phases

PAUSE is implementing the first phase until the end of 2018. It targets young adults with a bold and original multiplatform communications campaign. A pilot project in 5 school settings (1 university, 3 CEGEPs, and one professional training centre) will also be carried out. Capsana has enlisted the lg2 agency to develop the PAUSE brand and all of its communications activities. A second phase focusing on parents of teens will be launched in spring 2019.

A boost to help balance connections

Despite PAUSE’s call to limit screen time, the Internet remains an indispensable tool to reach parents and young adults. In its initial phase, the website Pausetonécran.com features a fun quiz to reflect on Internet use, entertaining challenges to improve habits, and support resources. A Facebook page and an Instagram account round out the communications ecosystem.

PAUSE aims to become a movement that incites Quebecers to regain control of their Internet use and prioritize the quality connections that matter, both online and offline.
Visit Pausetonécran.com