The Let's Discuss Health program

Let's Discuss Health is an online program developed by Capsana for the clinical setting. The aim of this innovative project is to promote effective cooperation between patients and front-line health care professionals (physicians, nurses and pharmacists). The program focuses on improving communication between patients and professionals to encourage quality interactions and help patients self-manage their condition—a valuable asset when facing the challenge of treating chronic diseases, particularly for people dealing with comorbidity.

The Let's Discuss Health website offers patients practical advice and guidance to help them prepare for medical appointments, play a more active role in consultations, and take responsibility for managing their own health. Professionals have access to an online training module containing tools to interpret their patients' reactions more accurately and communicate with them more effectively, thereby optimizing the time spent in consultations.

Helping patients manage their disease

By completing the Let's Discuss Health training module, health care professionals can earn continuing education credits from Médecins francophones du Canada (French only).

Let's Discuss Health was developed in collaboration with primary care experts from the Centre intégré de santé et de services sociaux (CISSS) de Laval, with funding from private-sector partners Santé des Populations and AstraZeneca. Capsana has complete editorial independence over its content.

Visit the Let’s Discuss Health website (French only.)

For patients, Let's Discuss Health is based on the PACE approach*:

P :
A :
C :
E :

* The approach is an adaptation of the Talking Health TogetherTM program, itself based on the work of Donald J. Cegala, Ph.D, of Ohio State University.

For professionals, Let's Discuss Health is based on the CASE approach:

C :
Convince and educate the patient about a health problem
A :
Activate the patient to implement a treatment and support the patient during its implementation
SE :
Support and Empower patient compliance to the agreed treatment