Capsana launches a brand new website for its Workplace health sector

The cost of physical inactivity and work absenteeism is high for organisations. Studies have shown that every dollar invested in prevention saves between $1.50 and $3 related to health problems.

For more than 25 years, Capsana’s workplace health sector has been helping organisations of all sizes promote healthy lifestyle habits and management practices to create work environments that are more conducive to physical as well as mental health. To adapt to the changing reality of organisations and to face the challenges related to adopting a healthy lifestyle in a hectic, performance-based world, Capsana has evolved in order to provide clients with new solutions and remain relevant and innovative. To present its wide range of products and services, Capsana’s workplace health sector is proud to unveil a brand new website: workplacehealth.ca. Read more

Capsana turns 30!

Since 1988, Capsana is dedicated to the promotion of health and healthy lifestyles, as well as the prevention and management of chronic diseases.

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Capsana and the general public

Capsana's dynamic public campaigns motivate people to take action and improve their health.

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Capsana in the workplace

Capsana offers an integrated approach to health and well-being in the workplace, with organization-wide interventions as well as personalized individual programs.

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Capsana in the clinical setting

Capsana provides tools for patients and health professionals.

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