ACTI-MENU launches its activities. Headed up at the time by Dr. Louis Gagnon and Dr. Gilles Pineau, the young company participates in the Provigo supermarket chain's new focus on health by developing a range of products and activities.


ACTI-MENU produces its first print materials, a series of seven leaflets about diet and exercise, with a focus on maintaining a healthy weight and preventing heart disease. ACTI-MENU's “style” begins to take shape: accurate, practical, accessible health information designed to help people take action.


ACTI-MENU continues to find innovative ways of talking to Quebecers about their health, becoming a part of families' daily life (whether at home, at school, at the grocery store, at a restaurant, at the doctor's office or at work) to help them take charge of their health. Over the years, ACTI-MENU broadens its scope to cover a wide range of topics related to mental and physical health. A variety of media are used—print, television, radio, information booths, and the Internet—to spread the good word about health and support people in their efforts to take charge of their health!


Realizing that employee lifestyles can have a direct impact on an organization's productivity, absenteeism rate and profitability, ACTI-MENU begins designing health and well-being programs for the workplace. These programs, developed to guide both organizations and individuals, quickly establish ACTI-MENU as a leader in health intervention and promotion in the workplace in Quebec.


The ACTI-MENU team creates the Quit to Win! Challenge in association with Montréal's Direction de santé publique (DSP). Using a positive, motivating approach, the province-wide campaign encourages Quebecers to quit smoking. The Quebec initiative is inspired by the World Health Organization (WHO)'s international Quit & Win campaign, which originated in Finland.

The same year, ACTI-MENU creates Mission TNT.06, in association with Laval University's Groupe de recherche et d'intervention en promotion de la santé (GRIPS)


and regional public health agencies in the National Capital Region, Lanaudière, Laurentides and Saguenay–Lac Saint Jean. Mission TNT.06, a six-month smoking prevention program aimed at sixth-graders, ran until 2006 and helped educate young people about the risks associated with tobacco and smoking.

The year 2000 also sees the creation of several important and enduring partnerships between ACTI-MENU and Quebec's public health network.


Together with several partners, ACTI-MENU launches the very first Health Challenge. The inaugural campaign encourages people to adopt healthy lifestyle habits: by registering for the challenge, participants agree to eat better and increase their level of physical activity. Since that first campaign, over 1 million people have taken the Health Challenge!


ACTI-MENU becomes a company associated with the Prevention Division of the Montreal Heart Institute (MHI).


ACTI-MENU's Smoke-Free Family initiative, introduced in 2006 as part of the Quit to Win! Challenge, becomes an awareness campaign separate from the smoking cessation challenge. The family-oriented campaign educates parents and their loved ones about the health effects of second-hand smoke, particularly for children.


ACTI-MENU is wholly owned by three foundations: the Fondation Prévention Santé Intégrale (PSI), the ÉPIC Foundation, and the Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont Foundation.


In May, ACTI-MENU obtains the Healthy Enterprise– Elite certification from the Bureau de normalisation du Québec (Quebec Standards Bureau).

In October, to coincide with its 25th anniversary, ACTI-MENU rolls out a new identity to reflect the vitality of its activities and the evolution of its offer. From this point on, the organization operates under its new name, Capsana.


The year 2018 marks an important milestone in Capsana’s history: the 30-year anniversary of its existence! Always abreast of issues related to prevention in public health, Capsana launches a brand new public campaign: PAUSE. This initiative targets youth and their parents with the aim of promoting a balanced use of the Internet to prevent the risks associated with hyperconnectivity.


Capsana celebrates 25 years of intervention in the workplace, 20 years of the Quit to Win! Challenge, and 15 years of the Health Challenge. Proof that the organization is now more than ever a firmly established key player in health prevention.