Mission and approach

Our mission

To help individuals take an active role in their health.

Our vision

Capsana's mission is based on the firm belief that everyone can improve their physical and mental health and quality of life by making healthy lifestyle choices, adopting preventive behaviours, and becoming actively involved in managing their health issues.

Our approach

Accurate and reliable information, innovation, targeted interventions, effective communications and commitment to positive outcomes: these are the core components of our approach, and of our programs' popularity. Capsana develops dynamic, motivating solutions that produce real results.

Thanks to our expertise, our partnerships with key organizations, and our skill at developing products adapted to our clients' needs, Capsana has emerged as a leader in health promotion.

Five reasons to choose Capsana

  • Credible information
  • Global approach
  • Expert team
  • Dynamic solutions
  • Proven results

Our values

Transparency and integrity inform every aspect of our relationships with our clients and partners. Capsana promotes human, ethical values that all our teams support:

by demonstrating COMMITMENT

by valuing INNOVATION

by interacting with RESPECT

by working in true COLLABORATION

by striving for PERFORMANCE