Customized health solutions

With a proven reputation for rigour and innovation, Capsana can work with your organization to design, develop and implement customized health initiatives.

Our top priority: Helping you meet your objectives. With that in mind, we bring to the table our expertise in developing credible content, our skill in delivering clear, dynamic communications, and our ability to connect with the general public or specific groups.

Besides health care professionals, our team includes experts in various fields, notably communications and public relations, media planning, graphic communications, and information technology.

Thanks to our multidisciplinary expertise and close links with our many partners and supporting organizations, we can help you meet your objectives and develop original, pertinent health projects.

Here are some of the health solutions Capsana has developed

Shape Up: A Springboard to Healthy Habits – Phase 1

Developed health content aimed at parents of young campers, to encourage the adoption of healthy lifestyle habits. Print materials, videos, downloadable tools, etc. Content posted primarily on the Shape Up website.

Shape Up: A Springboard to Healthy Habits – Phase 2

Designed and produced a series of posters aimed at young campers, counsellors and parents, to promote healthy lifestyles.

World No Tobacco Day, May 31, 2012

Clients: Smoke-Free Family and its partner organization McNeil Consumer Healthcare

Developed a communications campaign to promote World No Tobacco Day. Designed and produced a print ad, conducted PR activities.

World No Tobacco Day, May 31, 2013

Clients: Smoke-Free Family and its partner organization McNeil Consumer Healthcare

Wrote and published an advertorial to promote World No Tobacco Day.

Food services

Client: Douglas University Mental Health Institute, Montreal

Analyzed recipes and made recommendations for improvements. Participated in developing and conducting employee training to support the implementation of the new food and nutrition policy.

Developed a communications campaign focusing on seven themes; produced various campaign materials, including posters, a loyalty card for special meals and fact sheets, and staffed a campaign launch booth as well as two Health Stops.

This campaign earned the Douglas Institute the 2013 Prix de la communication interne (internal communications award) presented by the Association québécoise d'établissements de santé et de services sociaux (AQESSS).

Food services

Client: Casino de Montréal

Evaluated the Casino’s food service offer and provided employee support and training to complement the cafeteria’s new focus on health.

Developed a seven-week communications campaign targeting Casino employees. Campaign elements included a campaign launch booth, a contest, fact sheets, health content for electronic displays, and educational table wraps.