Planisan: An executive health program

Planisan offers personalized health assessments for executives, carried out by a team of health care professionals. Taking a global approach to health management, Planisan provides patients with a complete, confidential evaluation in order to identify risk factors and design a customized health plan.

Planisan has four key components:

1. A complete health assessment, including a detailed questionnaire, laboratory tests and a physical examination by a physician, and a fitness evaluation.

2. A health plan. The physician discusses the results of the assessment with the patient, and recommends steps they can take to improve their habits and manage their health more effectively.

3. A report and further consultations. Every patient receives a confidential written report containing the detailed results of their health assessment and a summary of their health plan. If necessary, the doctor will recommend further tests or consultations with specialists.

4. An annual follow-up and health plan review.

Our team provides unique, confidential support for executives to help them better prevent and manage health problems

Planisan's services are carried out at the ÉPIC Centre, adjacent to the Montreal Heart Institute.

5055 Saint-Zotique Street East
Montreal, Quebec
H1T 1N6