The Internet is part of our everyday lives, and that’s a good thing! But with screens and online activities multiplying, our connectivity is rapidly growing, increasing the risk of our Internet use becoming problematic. Hyperconnectivity can have negative psychological, physical and social impacts, such as the deterioration of interpersonal relationships, anxiety, isolation, lower self-esteem and performance, sleep and posture problems, etc.

Capsana developed the PAUSE campaign, with the support of Quebec’s Secrétariat à la jeunesse, to better face our new connected reality, which affects the majority of Quebecers, particularly young people, who are more “connected”.

A question of balance

The PAUSE campaign promotes a balanced use of the Internet and relies on a positive rather than moralizing approach. The campaign encourages teens, young adults, and their families to stop and think about their digital habits and take action, so they can benefit from all the advantages the Internet has to offer, without the disadvantages. PAUSE also aims to encourage the settings frequented by youth to implement environments conducive to balanced connectivity.

The name PAUSE highlights the importance of regularly unplugging. Pausetoné serves as a reminder that a simple action can help us accomplish this.

The PAUSE campaign is developed with the support of a committee of experts, which includes specialists in the prevention of cyberaddiction and the promotion of healthy habits for adolescents. A support network contributes to increasing the campaign’s reach and creates links with other initiatives.

Support… online?

Despite PAUSE’s invitation to unplug, the Internet remains an indispensable tool to reach parents and young adults. The website provides information, tips and advice, a fun quiz for 18- to 24-year-olds, and a section for parents. A Facebook page rounds out the communications ecosystem.

Launch of the Young adult phase: November 2018
Launch of the Parents of teens phase: April 2019

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