Capsana in the clinical setting

Helping patients play an active part in managing their condition, and encouraging patients and health care professionals to work as a team: these are the basic principles behind Capsana's programs and services for the clinical setting.

These objectives are in line with a recognized chronic disease management approach: in 70% of cases, chronic conditions present no major complications and can be at least partly managed by patients, with support from their doctor. That's why it's important to provide appropriate and useful tools and information to help patients self-manage their condition.

In line with the Chronic Care Model (CCM) of integrated chronic disease management adopted by Quebec's Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSS),

Capsana's solutions for the clinical setting are designed to inform, engage and motivate patients and support health care professionals.

Credible content

Our solutions for the clinical setting are developed in collaboration with committees of experts and supported by leading health care organizations and professional associations. Although we receive funding from private-sector partners to develop and deliver our products, Capsana retains complete editorial independence.

Our publications

Capsana’s publications provide credible, accessible patient information.

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Our online solution

Capsana has developed a free online resource for patients and health care professionals (French only).

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