2016-07-21 | Press release

Sykes Assistance Services Corporation and Capsana sign agreement to develop and deliver Innovative Health Solutions to Canadians

LONDON, Ontario / MONTREAL, Quebec [July 21, 2016] – Today, Sykes Assistance Services Corporation (Sykes), a Canadian leader in Assistance Services (roadside, legal and tele-health services), and Capsana, the driving force behind Quebec’s public campaigns Quit to Win! and the Health Challenge, are announcing an agreement to work together to deliver quality healthcare solutions designed to work across the continuum from the home to the workplace, and in the primary and acute healthcare settings.

The healthcare system is struggling to develop strategies that meet the challenges precipitated by escalating costs, growing demand, and aging infrastructure. Both Sykes and Capsana have been independently introducing innovative healthcare solutions to engage people in their health, in order to help them take responsibility for and reap the rewards of a healthy lifestyle.

The Sykes-Capsana partnership will be a collaborative effort that seeks to promote better health outcomes by delivering solutions that:

  • support the tenets of population health,
  • are person and family centred, and
  • are data driven.

According to Guy Desrosiers, CEO of Capsana: “Our collaboration with Sykes brings together two innovative groups and will allow us to deliver solutions that meet the health needs of Canadians from coast to coast.”

“This initiative further solidifies our ability to provide highly scalable, multichannel healthcare interventions on a national scale,” states Bruce Woods, President of Sykes Assistance Services Corporation.

About Sykes Assistance Services Corporation

Sykes Assistance Services Corporation is Canada’s leading provider of multichannel contact centre based telehealth services, supporting over 18 million Canadians with a talented team of Registered Nurses, navigators and counsellors available 24 / 7 to meet the needs of our clients. Sykes provides symptom assessment, health information, addiction counselling, lifestyle coaching, health system navigation, chronic illness support, and a variety of public health information lines on behalf of our government and industry partners.

Operating four contact centres across Canada, Sykes offers a broad range of assistance based services including Healthcare, Emergency Roadside Assistance, Legal Assistance, Home Assistance and Customer Service Assistance. For additional information, please visit www.sykesassistance.com or contact us at 1-866-522-6148.

About Capsana

Capsana is a social enterprise owned by the ÉPIC Foundation and the Fondation PSI, and associated with the Montreal Heart Institute. Its mission is to help individuals take an active role in their health. Founded in 1988 under the name ACTI-MENU, Capsana is dedicated exclusively to the promotion of health and healthy lifestyles, as well as the prevention and management of chronic diseases. www.capsana.ca.