2016-11-08 | News

Activate Your Health: a new project by Capsana to improve workplace health

Thanks to the financial support of the Public Health Agency of Canada, Capsana is proud to launch Activate Your Health, a new initiative to promote healthy habits in the workplace.

Activate Your Health will be implemented in several Quebec companies for a period of 3 years. The objectives are to:

  • help employees identify certain risk factors and subsequently adopt a healthy lifestyle in order to foster better overall health and prevent chronic diseases such as diabetes and obesity;
  • help employers create workplace environments within their organizations that are conducive to a healthy lifestyle;
  • and contribute to the development of knowledge in workplace health promotion, since participating organizations have agreed to take part in a study that will, among other things, measure the impact of different levels of intervention.

In addition to the support of the Public Health Agency of Canada, which recently announced its vision for a healthy Canada, the project is conducted in collaboration with the Groupe entreprises en santé and Université de Montréal, as well as in partnership with Sprout and SOSCuisine.

Participating companies will have access to various intervention tools including a health questionnaire, conferences, screenings, and a social wellness platform.

With over 15 years of experience in workplace health promotion, Capsana has provided health solutions to over 100 organizations, reaching 45,000 workers. To find out more, visit www.capsana.ca/en/workplace-health.

To view the Public Health Agency of Canada’s press release, click here.