A team of dedicated experts

Carefully selected for their expertise and communications skills, Capsana's team of professionals share a passionate commitment to promoting health and healthy lifestyles. Whether working in their own practice or in your organization, these health care specialists are able to share their knowledge in an engaging way that motivates employees to take an active role in their own health.

Dr Louis Gagnon

Dre Roxane Néron

Dre Christiane Laberge

Dre Eileen Bridges
Sports and Emergency Medicine

Alexandre Paré
Kinesiologist, physical training specialist

Geneviève Mailly

François Raymond

Jean-François Villeneuve
M.Ps., psychologist in behavior modification

Marie Christine Larocque
M.Ps., psychologist

Julie DesGroseilliers
R.D., consulting dietitian and author

Guylaine Carle
M.Ps., organizational psychologist, consultant and coach

Manon Dulude
Ph.D., registered psychotherapist, professional certified coach

Marie-Lou Filiatrault
R.D., dietitian

Mark Cummins
Ph.D., psychologist