Sykes Assistance Services Corporation and Capsana sign agreement to develop and deliver Innovative Health Solutions to Canadians

LONDON, Ontario / MONTREAL, Quebec [July 21, 2016] – Today, Sykes Assistance Services Corporation (Sykes), a Canadian leader in Assistance Services (roadside, legal and tele-health services), and Capsana, the driving force behind Quebec’s public campaigns Quit to Win! and the Health Challenge, are announcing an agreement to work together to deliver quality healthcare solutions designed to work across the continuum from the home to the workplace, and in the primary and acute healthcare settings. Read more

Health information for all Canadians

Health education leaders Healthwise® and Capsana reach more Canadians with health education in French and English.


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Capsana and the general public

Capsana's dynamic public campaigns motivate people to take action and improve their health.

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Capsana in the workplace

Capsana offers an integrated approach to health and well-being in the workplace, with organization-wide interventions as well as personalized individual programs.

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Capsana in the clinical setting

Capsana provides tools for patients and health professionals.

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