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Offer Healthwise health content and tools to your employees, clients, and patients. The quick and reliable access to information will help them improve their health. Healthwise® Consumer Engagement Solutions are available anytime, anywhere, in both official languages. Built to be integrated into your platforms, they fit smoothly in websites, portals, and mobile applications.

The Healthwise® Knowledgebase is the only online health resource designed to help people make informed decisions. With consumer-friendly content and tools on thousands of topics, it’s a virtually unlimited guide to better health.

The Healthwise Knowledgebase contains thousands of articles and tools

Healthwise® Decision points

Decision points give people the facts and help them determine their preferences. Balancing facts with personal values helps them make informed decisions about medical care.

Sample articles: Ear infection: Should I give my child antibiotics?; Herniated disc: Should I have surgery?


The Knowledgebase contains articles on a wide range of health topics, including explanations of medical tests and procedures.

Sample articles: Asthma in teenagers and adults, Low back pain, High cholesterol

Healthwise® Symptom checker

The Symptom checker helps people assess their symptoms and determine when they should seek professional treatment. It also provides strategies for preventing and treating various health problems.

Sample articles: Ear problems and injuries, age 11 and younger; Allergic reaction; Knee problems and injuries


Healthwise® Actionsets contain information and practical tips to help people self-manage an illness or a treatment, or adopt healthier lifestyle habits.

Sample articles: Diabetes: Counting carbs if you use insulin; Breathing problems: Using a metered-dose inhaler

Finding health information: quick and easy access

  • Search box
  • Alphabetical index
  • Content grouped by topics and categories
  • Symptom checker

Learning centres

Learning centres feature links to content and tools related to common general topics, such as asthma, heart health and vision.

Interactive tools

Interactive tools give people tailored health information based on their personal data.

Sample tools: How many calories did you burn?, Are you at risk for a heart attack?, How much is smoking costing you?