Healthwise® Health Education Solutions

Capsana has partnered with Healthwise to offer patient education solutions translated and adapted to meet the needs of French- and English-speaking Canadians.

Reflecting the latest evidence and standards in medical practice, Healthwise solutions offer consumers accurate, up-to-date, user-friendly information about medical conditions, medications, medical tests, treatments, and wellness. The interactive tools, illustrations, and plain-language content give consumers the information they need to make better health decisions and get engaged in their own health.

They can:

  • learn more about a condition;
  • check a symptom;
  • manage a chronic disease;
  • change their lifestyle habits to improve health outcomes.

Offering quality information to help individuals take an active role in their health is at the heart of Capsana’s mission.

Offer Healthwise® Health Education Solutions

Healthwise Health Education Solutions are designed for hospitals, insurance companies, employee assistance programs (EAP), electronic medical records (EMR) providers, and organizations that are committed to giving their employees and clients reliable, relevant health information.

Designed to improve health care management and optimize care, these solutions also integrate seamlessly to support the relationship between patients and health care professionals. The resources provide professionals with credible tools they can use at any point in care and that can help them personalize their interactions with patients, support patients during the decision-making process, and promote self-care.

  • Easy-to-understand language
  • Interactive health tools
  • Content tailored to the needs of Canadian consumers
  • Regular updates

Informed patients = better health decisions

  • Providing information about health and symptoms
  • Promoting and supporting decision-making
  • Encouraging the self-management of disease

Healthwise, a natural partner

Healthwise is an American nonprofit organization founded in 1975. Its mission—to help people make better health decisions—ties in perfectly with Capsana’s, making the two organizations natural partners. A global leader in health information, Healthwise developed the concept of information therapy—“prescribing” the right information to the right person at the right time.

Healthwise clients include Kaiser Permanente, Cigna, Partners for a Healthier Community, two regional divisions of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, and many hospitals. In Canada, the governments of British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Alberta, as well as the Telehealth Ontario and Tele-Care 811 New Brunswick telephone services, use Healthwise solutions.

Health education leaders Healthwise and Capsana reach more Canadians with bilingual health information. Read the press release »

Healthwise: Trusted, reliable content

Accurate and up to date

Healthwise health information is evidence-based, and is updated regularly according to the latest medical standards and guidelines.

Medical review board

Healthwise content is reviewed by a panel of more than 200 board-certified medical experts and health professionals, including more than 40 Canadians. French-language translation is also supervised by a committee of physicians and professionals based in Quebec.


Healthwise content has been adapted for the Canadian market. It reflects Canadian prevention and treatment guidelines, medication names, and cultural contexts.

Flexible and adaptable

Solutions are offered in a range of delivery options to ensure seamless, personalized integration. With this flexible model, we can offer a user experience that meets your specific needs and helps you connect with your users. Choose a pre-built design or create your own.

Available delivery options: XML, XHTML and API.